file 5.01 is now available

Christos Zoulas christos at
Fri May 1 00:27:01 EEST 2009


File-5.01 is now available from:

This is as expected a bug fix release:

	* Fix more cdf lossage. All the documents I have
	  right now print the correct information.

	* don't print \012- separators in the same magic entry 
	  if it consists of multiple magic printing lines.

	* Avoid file descriptor leak in compress code from
	  (Daniel Novotny)

	* Allow escaping of relation characters, so that we can say \^[A-Z]
	  and the ^ is not eaten as a relation char.

	* Fix troff and fortran to their previous glory using
	  regex. This was broken since their removel from ascmagic.

	* don't use strlen in strndup() (Toby Peterson)

	* avoid c99 syntax.

	* make the cdf code use the buffer first if available,
	  and then the fd code.

	* look for struct option to determine if getopt.h is usable for IRIX.

	* sanitize cdf document strings

	* fix OS/2 warnings.

The cdf parser is now much more robust and I can't find yet a
document where it fails. There are also quite a lot magic fixes
that were regressions from 4.x. Right now, I believe that most
regressions to 4.x have been fixed, and there is no reason to
support 4.x anymore. Please correct me if I am wrong.



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