file-5.00 is now available

Christos Zoulas christos at
Wed Feb 4 01:36:56 EET 2009


Thanks to everyone who tested, wrote code, or contributed fixes! I bumped
the version to 5.00 because there were a lot of changes in the code that
might affect how file behaves now compared to in the past (I have not found
any regressions, but there might be).

	- add CDF file support (Microsoft Office <= 2007)
	- add recursive magic, so we can handle ID3 files properly
	- str{cat,cpy} -> strl{cpy,cat}
	- --mime* flags now really work
	- add --apple magic
	- many encoding fixes
	- read ~/.magic in addition to the default magic file not instead
	  of, as documented in the man page
	- many magic changes


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